“Summer Rugby”

Following a BARLA Board of Management meeting, the Board have issued a statement which they feel offers clear guidance of its views they will be presenting at the Community Board meeting on Friday 30th April.

The Board’s view is that; at this present moment in time, The British Amateur Rugby League Association are committed to providing winter competition for teams at all age groups who wish to remain playing the game, in the present September to May playing season. They would however offer support to any members who wish to make changes to their playing season.

BARLA would support a more detailed study into moving the Youth & Junior from its current window, but believe that there is clear evidence emanating from the open age ranks that there is no desire to move their playing season. There is a groundswell of support to continue playing from September to May.

BARLA does not dismiss the idea of summer rugby, but the Association has to act in the best interests of and on the instructions of its members.

Where next?

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