Combination Meeting

By scott mclachlan

Yorkshire Youth Combination Winter League

There is going to be a Yorkshire Youth Combination League Meeting held at Shaw Cross at 8pm on Wednesday 27th February.

All Combination Clubs including Yorkshire Youth, West Riding and Hull and District teams are invited and advised to attend this meeting. At this meeting we are going to have discussions on what improvements clubs want for the up and coming 2013/2014 season. These youth players are the next generation of Open Age players and therefore the future of your club, so some very important discussions will be talked about at this meeting so it is important that clubs attend and have their input.

Also a quick notice to all West Riding teams in 2013/2014 season you will be registering with the Yorkshire Youth and will come under the Yorkshire Youth banner due to the West Riding no longer running from April 2013. Yorkshire Youth will continue with the Winter league with your support.

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