Yorkshire Youth meeting with Pennine

By scott mclachlan

Yorkshire Youth management held a meeting with Pennine Open Age on Monday 9th September. In this meeting it was agreed by both league to create a link and work in partnership with each other.

With this in mind it was agreed that for the good of the Under 17's league, Yorkshire Youth are going to delay the start of the Under 17's season to 13th October, the same time as the Under 16's. There are a few reasons for this, firstly we have had a few teams who are currently playing in the Yorkshire Juniors summer league at Under 16's (true Under 17's) that have contacted us asking to enter our league once the summer season has wrapped up.
Secondly the Pennine league is sending out our application form to all their clubs including the Lancashire teams which at our AGM delegates agreed for them to be able to join our league.

The last thing we want to do is start teams playing and have a large divide between the top and bottom teams in the division, delaying the start of the season will enable us to restructure the leagues and improve the standard of games in the league.

In the mean time any team at Under 17's level that is ready and would like some friendlies please can they email Alan Boot on alan.boot@yahoo.com and we will put in place some matches.

Teams want to move back for a few reasons

1. The stop/start season is resulting in players losing interest in the game. Yorkshire Youth will provide a week by week fixture for all teams that enter into the league, only stopping for Christmas and New Year.
2. The Under 16's this season have been effected hard by the professional teams taking the scholarship players half way through the season creating more stops in the fixtures. With the traditional winter season the scholarship games don't effect league fixtures, as they are played after the league finishes.
3. Clubs have seen a large drop in takings/funds, we have been told this is due to not having as many supporters at the match, as families are on holidays or at other events that a traditionally held in the summer, and with them playing games in the summer weekends they can't hold the gala days that they normal would to create funds, one club had informed us they are 3-4 thousand pounds down in funds a year due to them not been able to hold their fund-raising days.

Other key points that where made at the Pennine meeting is as we all know the youth teams are the open age teams in the next few seasons, and the summer divide that is destroying our game at the moment will if not stopped make the amateur side of our game vanish.

Also from listening to the management at Pennine they said that the clubs are wanting a large winter league for Yorkshire and Lancashire teams to play in, like what the Pennine provides for the open age. Yorkshire Youth are going to be this league and will run the league that will cover both areas and with the addition of the Hull teams we hope the league will become even more attractive and improve the competition for all clubs.

If your team wishes to join our winter league you must register ASAP by Emailing Alan Boot on the above email address

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